Punctuality: 6 Benefits for Your Life and Business

African Time, an imaginary time zone that Africans live in, costs individuals and businesses money, integrity and other intangible things every day. In this post, we will discuss the importance of being on time - for you and your business.


Getting to meetings on time shows that you are trustworthy. Punctuality portrays you as a person that can be believed. When you say "I'll be there in five minutes", people know and are assured that you'll be there in five minutes.

Shows Respect for the Other Party

Being punctual shows that you respect the other party's time and you are not willing to waste it. They could have hundreds of other tasks they have to get to.

Dependability and Reliability

Tasks can be handed to you at work and your boss is sure you'll take care of them. This will only happen if you have a great history of punctuality.

Eliminates Anxiety and improves Self-Confidence

Being on time eliminates stress from your life and removes the anxiety of being late. When you arrive on time, you are calm and organized. There are no forgotten items. You'll remember to comb your hair and pack important documents..

Improves Others' Perception of you

Other professionals will begin to see you as a professional and serious individual. They will see how much work you put into being punctual and will be more likely to trust you with tasks and businesses

You Set A Good Example For Others

If you're a leader in your organisation, being punctual to work and meetings encourages your followers to also be punctual. They wouldn't want to be the last person to show up.

In all, being punctual is a skill that must be mastered. Traffic and a coffee spill aren't good enough excuses to be late to anything. Punctuality opens doors that may otherwise be permanently closed.