5 Reasons Email Marketing Is Important For Your Startup

Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospective and existing customers. It is very easy to implement and when done well, it results in customer acquisition and retention. Here are 5 reasons why email marketing is good for your business.

Resource friendly

Compared to other forms of marketing like advertising, email marketing requires little time, resources or effort. Email marketing is a medium that connects business owners to thousands, or even tens of thousands of customers at very little or no cost.

Personal and customizable

Email lists are very personal because people give you permission to email them - they sign up to receive your newsletter or they give you their email addresses. This means that they trust your company and that you have had a positive interaction with them. You can also easily customize your emails - you can include the name of the receiver and even more. This makes the customer feel even more special


Email marketing is easy to measure and evaluate. With newsletter tools, you get analytics that show you important information like:  bounce rates, delivery rates, open rates, click through rates, and unsubscribe rates. You can easily see how your email campaign is running, what is working and what isn't and make adjustments as necessary.


Email marketing is important because consumers want immediate information about changes and what's happening. Customers can get updates on important events like sales and new product releases in a timely manner. Email also possesses the social element of staying in touch and sharing valuable content

Creates Results

Emails enable you make connections with targeted customers and build lasting productive relationships. This drives recurring and referral revenue. Emails encourage consumers to take action - you can invite consumer responses, increase web traffic, entice consumers to make purchases, and encourage consumers to forward important messages and a lot more.

Email may be an old tactic, but it remains an indispensable one. It's relatively easy to get started and it is cost-effective, efficient and sustainable. It is a great way to maximize revenue opportunities and extend your reach.

Photo Credit: caribb, Flickr