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Member Spotlight : Sopuluchi Amaechina of Affordable Lekki Homes

This April,  Our Spotlight turns to Sopulu, who works with Affordable Lekki Homes, a real estate firm whose plan is to bring Luxury to the middle class..  Click through to find out what she  and her team do, how they are doing it  and how CapitalSquare has been working for them.

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Member Spotlight: Fabia Ogunmekan of IMARA Foundation.

Meet Fabia Ogunmekan, a non-profit consultant and the founding trustee of the Imara Foundation, a non-profit that's working to positively impact the lives of women and children in Nigeria. Read on to find out more about what makes her tick, and how her CapitalSquare experience is turning out...

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Member Spotlight: Victor Ibeabuchi of Marvelfairs Realties Ltd.

Victor Ibeabuchi is a real estate consultant who hopes to change the face of estate and facility management in Nigeria. He's also one of our CapitalSquare members, and has been with us since January 2014. In this interview, he tells us about himself, his business, and his experience being a part of our coworking community. Click through for more.

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Splitting the tab: Sharing space makes work easier for entrepreneurs in Lagos

“Lagos is a difficult place to do business. There’s the high cost of rent and poor infrastructure – unreliable electricity and unreliable internet connectivity are some of the major issues affecting modern businesses in Lagos today. And, with that, there are still a lot of people going into entrepreneurship because of the high rate of unemployment. There is clearly the need for an easier and more affordable way to do business.”

This is why Modupe Macaulay believes there are opportunities for co-working spaces in Nigeria’s commercial hub, and towards the end of last year she officially opened one, CapitalSquare. She had been inspired by the concept a few years earlier when she discovered...

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CapitalSquare: Why am I doing this?

This post is an attempt to explain why I (i.e. Modupe Macaulay) am starting up a coworking space. There are a million reasons for me not to do this, but here I am, doing this. I have no idea how it's going to turn out, but I'm hoping it will be great.

​So, why shouldn't I do this?​

​First of all, I have never done this before. ​I have sort of run a business while at school, but nothing like this. This is a huge responsibility and a huge investment and it's honestly very, very scary. And let's not even mention how much money I've borrowed for this. SCARY.

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