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10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Coworking

Working from home, literally, can feel like the Nigerian dream but what happens after the first few weeks and months? The lack of community starts to affect the quality of your work. Alone with between the temptation of your bed, your TV, your fridge, motivation to put in work declines.

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Member Spotlight : Olaleye Osunsanya of Avila Consult

This June, we talk to Olaleye Osunsanya, the Project Manager at Avila Consult,a company that provides Solutions to Management problems for the Oil and Gas sector. .  Click through to find out what he and his team do, and how CapitalSquare works for them.

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Member Spotlight : Keturah Ovio -Onoweya

This Month, Our Spotlight turns to Keturah, the CEO/Founder of, an online marketplace that sells African crafts.  Click through to find out what she  and her team do, how they are doing it  and how CapitalSquare is working for them

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