You Are Not Too Old To Start A Business

KFC's Colonel Sanders

KFC's Colonel Sanders

While it is true that there are billion dollar businesses founded by young men and women in their teens and twenties, life as an entrepreneur starts a lot later in life for most people. Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he started Facebook and Bill Gates was 20 when he started Microsoft. But, Arianna Huffington was 54 when she launched Huffington Post and Vera Wang only wrote about fashion before starting up as a wedding dress designer at the age of 39.

Youthful energy is great for starting a business, but experience comes with age. Anyone, young or old, who can develop a unique insight has a shot at building an amazing new venture. You're never too old to start a business. Charles Flint launched IBM when he was 61.

Experiment in different industries and be persistent. Keep on trying and don't give up. It may take you several tries, but you will eventually get there.

Colonel Harland Sanders founded KFC at 65. Before then, he had jumped from one job to another. At one point, he was a steamboat pilot, at another a farmer and on an on, dabbling in insurance and even fire safety. His first attempt to start a business – a service  station – failed terribly and his second attempt – a restaurant – didn't work out because of World War II.

Another example is Richard Branson who started out with selling Christmas trees, then moved on to publishing a student magazine, creating Virgin Records and has since then built his success on his airline, Virgin.

Everyone has different paths and stories and you shouldn't compare yourself to other people who have already succeeded. 

Check out the infographics below and be inspired to start your own business no matter your age. Click the images to enlarge them