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5 Simple Hacks For A super Productive Day

It's a new year, and many of us have resolved to be more productive at work. We've purchased journals, downloaded apps and maybe even taken a productivity/time management course. But what if the answer to your time management and productivity problems is good 'ole discipline? 

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The 24/7 Hustle & Grind Mindset Is Messed Up. Here's A Better Way

For many entrepreneurs, it has become somewhat of a badge of honour to never slow down or make time for self-care. If you spend enough time on Instagram, especially those pages dedicated to motivational quotes, you must have come across quotes like ‘grind while they sleep’ and ‘hustle seven days a week’.

But is endless hustling and grinding really the key to success?

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21 Questions With Uzoamaka Umeh of El Padrino

Well, more like 15 actually! 😜

We first met Uzo aka 'the Taco Lady' when her Mexican food outfit, El Padrino, catered for our movie night at CapitalSquare a few weeks ago. Her Tacos were so delicious and her customer service beyond exceptional, we had to find out more about the lady behind the brand.

In addition to making great tasting, affordable Mexican food readily available, Uzo's mission is to redefine customer service standards in Nigeria, especially in the food industry. She tells us about her experience so far.

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How to Eliminate Distractions and Get into the Zone

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You’re trying to read an important work-related document but your Facebook notifications keep distracting you.

You sit down to begin working on an important project that your boss needs done right away, but your email inbox keeps chiming incessantly with new messages and you can’t help but look every time the chime reaches your eardrums.

You are in the middle of your workday and you’re getting things done, but you’re also getting text messages so you’re stopping every few minutes to read and respond to your family members and friends.

In the previous scenarios, it’s going to be impossible to get into the zone and be more productive. There are too many distractions keeping you from reaching your peak levels of productivity.

To learn how to defeat these distractions once and for all and enter into the zone at will, please use the following suggestions.

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From The 9-5 Grind To The Startup Life: Ade Balogun Of Locitude's Story

Unapologetic lochead and founder, Locitude Studios Ade Balogun, is a longtime friend of the CapitalSquare family, so it was only a matter of time before we caught up with her for a little chit-chat about her journey as an entrepreneur. What makes her story even more interesting is that she saw an opportunity to do what she loved for a living and decided to make the transition from paid employment to entrepreneurship to make it a reality. She tells us all about her journey here:

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Branding Basics For Startups – Defining Your Brand Identity

Whether you realize it or not, an impression is created every time your business interacts with the public. Your social media posts. Your customer service. Your products and services, and how your deliver those. Over time, the sum of these impressions becomes your identity.

As a business owner, you can shape these interactions to your advantage.

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