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Got a great idea for an event? Let us know!


CapitalSquare is always looking to partner with individuals and groups to host events that align with our values of community, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. Please fill in the form below if you would like to host an interesting and inspiring event in our space!

A few event guidelines - all collaborative events must be:

  1. Beneficial and educational for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and/or creative professionals.
  2. NOT self-promotional or sales-oriented — if you’d like to connect your company with our startups, please check out our Partner page for other ways we can work together.
  3. Free or discounted tickets for CapitalSquare Members.

Examples of potential collaborative events include: office hours and advisory sessions, entrepreneurship/creative/technology workshops, non-profit and interest group meetups, skill sharing sessions, etc.


Important Note: All collaborative event applications are subject to review, as we have limited weekly and monthly slots (one weekday event every week, and two weekend events every month). Once these slots have been filled, you will have to either book our event space at regular rates, or wait until the next available slot. We must also see an obvious benefit to our community and the entrepreneurial community at large, in order to approve your application. 


If this sounds like your kind of thing, please download and go through our Collaborative Event Guidelines (click the button below) and fill in the form below with details of your event.

If your event doesn't meet any of the above criteria, you can still have it at CapitalSquare, but at the regular rates. Click here to see our event spaces and rates.


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