Coworking Visa

No matter where you go, there’s a workspace waiting for you.

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All members of CapitalSquare are entitled to up to 3 free days at over 100 coworking spaces worldwide.

CapitalSquare is part of the Coworking Visa, a network of coworking spaces all around the world. The benefit of the coworking visa is that it allows members of a coworking space work for free at any of the other spaces in the network, usually for up to 3 days. All CapitalSquare members are entitled to use the coworking visa.

Click on the button below to see other coworking spaces in the programme, and where they are located. 

If you'd like to work out of any of the participating spaces, please fill in the form below. Please note that while the standard Coworking Visa terms are for 3 free days, this may not include additional services like meeting rooms, printing, or refreshments. Some spaces may also offer more or fewer days - please check carefully.


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