Looking ahead in 2019

Good morning Everyone, 

Is it too late to say happy new year? January has gone by so fast, have we started achieving some of the goals we set for ourselves last year?

The team at CapitalSquare has been doing a lot of planning and re-strategising this first month, and we're going to be making a few changes and upgrades over the course of the year. 

Some of the things we'll be upgrading:

Facility Upgrades: Both Locations

  • Internet - we know this has been a major pain point for almost everyone, so the plan is to switch our ISP to a better and more reliable provider before the end of March. 

  • Toilets - a major upgrade of all toilets, so they match the quality of the rest of the space. 

  • ID Cards for Members - not exactly a “facility” upgrade, but having member ID cards will help maintain security and prevent unauthorised access into our work spaces, especially outside office hours.

Facility Upgrades: Lekki

  • Water - we've been in talks with facility management to sort out the water situation. However, if things don't improve within a few months, we will have to make our own arrangement for water in the building. 

  • Workspace Furniture - the current tables have served us well for over 5 years, so it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Additional Private Offices - We’ll also be adding a couple of single private offices, so reach out as soon as possible if you’re interested in grabbing one for yourself.

Facility Upgrades: Dolphin

  • Annex - a complete redo of the annex offices at Dolphin, to bring them up to standard with the rest of our offices.

  • Lighting - switch to LED panel lights in all offices and general areas, as they’re much brighter than the current ones.

  • Inverter - increase battery capacity

All these upgrades will be staggered over the course of the year, and we'll communicate well ahead of time if there will be any service disruptions because of the upgrades.

Price Changes

In addition to the changes in our facilities and services, we are also making a few changes to some of our membership plans and pricing in order for the business  to remain sustainable.

Virtual Plan: We are retiring the current Virtual Membership Plan (business address and mail, plus 5 meeting hours per month @50k per year) and creating 2 new Virtual Plans:

  • Virtual Lite - business address and mail only, with no included meeting hours. ₦30,000 per year. 

  • Virtual Pro - business address, mail, 5 meeting hours, 1 day pass per month. ₦75,000 per year 

Resident Plan. Pricing remains the same at ₦35,000 per month, however we are reducing the number of free prints a month to 30 black and white pages only. We are also adding an option for 24 hour access, at the additional price of 10k per month.

Dedicated Desks and Community memberships have never been well-subscribed, so we are retiring those plans.

Private Offices. Some private offices will have a slight increase in price. Current subscribers will maintain their current pricing until April 30, 2019, or until their current billing period ends (if later). Any member who is switching offices or switching to a private office plan does so at the new rates. Rates below:

  • Ikoyi

    • 1-person office (annex): ₦95,000 /mth

    • 2-person office: ₦175,000 /mth

    • 3-person office: ₦200,000 /mth

    • 6-person office (annex): ₦150,000 /mth

  • Lekki

    • 1-person office (mini): ₦95,000 /mth

    • 1-person office: ₦120,000 /mth

    • 4-person office: ₦250,000 /mth

    • 8-person office (Lekki): ₦300,000 /mth

Communication and Customer Service

We are renewing our commitment to providing better customer service to all our members. To this end, we will be sending out an anonymous member survey every quarter to identify areas where we need to improve. You can fill it out here.

We are also working hard to improve the frequency, relevance and channels of our communication. From now on, we will be sending a biweekly digest of community events, opportunities, upcoming changes in services, scheduled closures or maintenance, and any other information relevant to the space and our services. We will communicate this via email and our member newsletter (please subscribe here, if you haven't already), as well as our WhatsApp group (please click here to join).

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please call any of the office phones (Lekki: 0817 22 33 774, Ikoyi; 0817 22 33 775) during business hours (8am - 5pm, excluding weekends and public holidays) and one of the team will attend to you. At any other time, please email hello@capitalsqua.re or contact us on the WhatsApp group, and we'll respond within 24 hours. 


At the end of the day, our mission is to make it easier for you to grow your business, and if we don’t do that, there’s really no point. We try our best to anticipate your needs, but we can’t read minds - so we need your help. Can you answer this one question for us?

How can we help your business grow in 2019?

If you’d like to give us some more detailed feedback on what we’re doing well or badly and how we can serve you better, please click here to fill our member feedback survey. Or you could just email hello@capitalsqua.re anytime with your suggestions. You can also leave your comments at the bottom of this post.

Thank you once again for choosing CapitalSquare! And here’s wishing us all a profitable and successful 2019!


Modupe Odunyemi, Founder

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