CapitalSquare Workspace Solutions Limited House Fellowship (Lekki) 18th July, 2019.

The house fellowship was held at the Lekki workspace. It started at 4:05 pm with Andra, the host, explaining to everyone present what the house fellowship is about and asking us to introduce ourselves. 

The introductions started with Mr. Joseph representing Verseti services, who after introducing himself, explained that he works in the telecommunications bit that helps you connect your business to the world with just one number. Then Steven, Techpreneur. Shy guy, didn't say much. Then Uche with Mercator technology explained that at Mercator, they render digital services to fintech institutions to make their services seamless. He talked about their simplify app and how like the name, it helps simplify what would have ordinarily been a lot of work. Daniel of Danbel, Real Estate also gave a breakdown of what big grounds Danbel is currently breaking. Mrs Taiwo Ajayi, Property law. She’s currently studying renewable energy, hydro energy and intellectual property. Mrs Esther, Airster Visa Applications. Mr Emuobosa, Co-founder, Fixed Dealer, a platform that connects freelance workers to solve problems. Mr Emeka, PR management and Mr Oliver, CEO Mercator, developer. 

After the introductions, Modupe, Founder, CapitalSquare then welcomed everyone, introduced herself and CapitalSquare then asked the members to share their challenges. 


  • The need fora tough in-house legal services was raised, instead of having to go out to look for all the time. Modupe said that this would be looked into soon as she was planning something around this already.

  • Displeasure for the lack  of water in the restrooms, the liquid wash, breakfast, pens and electricity timing was also mentioned and addressed with promises of improvement..

  • It was also mentioned that the community members need a newspaper in the lounge to keep abreast of general happening around the world, so, it was decided that we'll get one newspaper for anyone who is interested to pick up and read (and put back once they are done). 

There was an open call from Modupe, asking everyone what Capitalsquare can do to help their businesses grow individually either by hosting workshops, fundraising, etc. It was suggested, that we reach out to organizers, throw out a survey and if people show interest, then we organize the event. 

Modupe also talked about hosting business clinics where you have 30 minutes with the facilitator and you get to ask your questions and they answer you one-on-one and asked the members if this is something they would be interested in. She then asked the members to share with us their milestones, blogs, anything at all we can help with promoting. 

Towards the end of the fellowship suggestions about how CapitalSquare can serve the members better were given.


  • Having a signage outside and getting the names of our members out on a board so people can find them easily.  

  • Promote our members businesses at a fee. 

  • More storytelling with our mails.  

  • A playback of businesses that work here while visitors wait at the reception at a fee. 

The fellowship ended at 5:40 pm with refreshments and group photos. See attached: 

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