CapitalSquare Ikoyi House Fellowship.

The house fellowship was held at the Ikoyi workspace. It started at about 4:00 pm with Temi, the host and community associate for Ikoyi explaining to everyone present what the house fellowship is about and asking members to introduce themselves.

After the introductions were done, Modupe, Founder, CapitalSquare then welcomed everyone, introduced herself and CapitalSquare then asked the members to discuss, share their challenges and make suggestions for possible solutions.

The discussions started with BI Bakery mentioning that they train corps members through Alaba Homemade Bakery which is funded by the Dutch Government then asking for ideas on how to grow their training community. Members provided them with a number of ideas/strategies which we are certain were well noted and would be acted upon. Kutty A10 also asked for ideas/strategies on how to break even with their carpool business, how to solve unacceptability issue and comparison with existing cab operatives. A number of suggestions came in for them among which was to introduce incentives to also be used on the App by both riders and ride providers.

More focus was placed around CapitalSquare as a whole and what can be done to provide a better community.


-Target people who live on the mainland but don’t want to go all the way into the Island.

-Reduce the newsletters as too many reduces interests.

-Leverage on social media and engage the media community personally.

-Community Associates should ask for reviews from users of the space.

Mr Tunde mentioned Health and Safety Issues: first aid, fire drills, trip hazard, electrical issues wherein he offered to train the community if the need ever arises. He also mentioned that pictures shared should be of great quality and clearer images.

Members also mentioned that they would like a variety of foods and fruits for community breakfast, i.e fruits, fries, pastries etc.

The fellowship ended well after 5:00 pm with refreshments and group photos.

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