Market Woman Lagos: Attention entrepreneurs! CapitalSquare opens in Lagos!

Still more good news for SMEs! If you’re starting business on a budget, don’t be afraid to step out as there are more and more ways to ease your way into the industry. CapitalSquare is a sleek but affordable co-working space in Lekki. Designed to favor SMEs and established businesses that need virtual spaces. With flexible and affordable rates, you can even decide to pay as you use.

Services also include: high-speed, business-grade internet; uninterrupted power; a conference room with presentation equipment; small meeting room for quick meetings, important phone calls, and focused work; a multipurpose room for collaborative work or larger meetings/seminars; printer/copier/scanner; office supplies; a break room with tea/coffee making facilities; fridge; microwave; water dispenser; and board games.

Before I forget! There’s also free parking! The space was opened for business about a month ago and promises to be a game-changer. Want to see how it looks like? We’d be giving you a peep soon!

CapitalSquare is located at The Garnet, Km 14 Lekki Epe Expressway, Igbo Efon, Lekki 101245, Nigeria, +234 1 844 9175

This article originally appeared on Market Woman Lagos.

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