Nigeria Communications Week: We are not Competing with CCHUB - CapitalSquare

Modupe Macaulay, head of CapitalSquare, a membership-based coworking space in Lekki Lagos has said the space is not competing with ccHUB. In an exclusive chat, she said both facilities, though somehow similar, they are not the same.

She said: “They are both far from each other. I cannot be going from Lekki to Yaba because I want to work. In terms of cost, CCHUB is very heavily subsidized and it is more of a social venture than an actual profit-making enterprise. From talking to people, so far, people using Capital Square don’t mind the cost.”

Capital Square provides relaxed environment for independent professionals to work, collaborate, and learn from each other.

“We know that not everyone wants or needs to work in a conventional office, and working at home gets lonely (and sometimes distracting), so we decided to create a workspace that's work-friendly, pocket-friendly and people-friendly,” the company said on its website.

It said it is building a community of professionals from every area of business, who like, support, and want to learn from one another

Macaulay said: “We plan to make CapitalSquare a great place to make friends and get feedback to grow your business.”

According to her, the space is not exclusively for tech startups; instead, she said all sorts of businesses can use the space with the goal of fostering networking. This she said it is already achieving with the wide array of current users.

She said: “Everyone there is either running part of an established business or starting his own small business. One person is a part of a bigger organization and he is using Capital Square as his place of work in Lagos. We have people involved in architecture, real estate, works, technology, professional cleaning services and education.

“We just had a signup by someone who is into publishing, another person is running a social media company. There are all sorts of businesses there.”

- This article originally appeared on Nigeria Communications Week


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