TechCabal: CapitalSquare Looks Amazing - Pictures from the Launch

Last weekend was a blurry blur — it was that blurred. On Saturday alone, I had to be at CapitalSquare’s official launch and open house, just before dashing off to rendezvous with the Big Cabal at Marco Polo and make sure that all the silverware were laid out and ready for our guests at TechCabal Sessions.

That means I couldn’t stay long at CapitalSquare, but in the forty or so minutes I spent there, I took pictures. I’d visited the building while it was still under construction, and looking at the finished work now, I was positively blown away. @CapSqr is by far the nicest looking co-working space in Nigeria. That’s all.

The latest co-working space in Lekki looks amazing. But these shots don’t do it justice — blame my shitty Picasa-enhanced photography. If you are in the area, you should stop by for a look at the space and their rates.

- This article originally appeared on TechCabal.

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