TechMoran: Introducing Nigeria's CapitalSquare | Another Awesome Workspace for your Venture

Set in Lekki, Lagos CapitalSquare is a coworking space for independent individuals to work, collaborate and learn from each other. The workspace is open plan, but there’s also space for focused work or meetings when one needs it.

CapitalSquare offers a well-lit, open plan workspace with a great view, dedicated high-speed internet, uninterrupted power, a conference room with presentation equipment , a small meeting room for quick meetings, focused work and phone or Skype calls.

It also has a multipurpose room for collaborative work or larger meetings, classes, seminars, offers printing, photocopying, scanning facilities and office supplies at a minimal cost, has a break room with tea and coffee brewing facilities, fridge, microwave, water dispenser and board games, lockers for your stuff and a huge parking lot right in front of the building.

At the moment, CapitalSquare is working on subscriptions to business and tech magazines, voice and video conferencing facilities in the conference room, classes and workshops on business, technology, and design and a drink and snack vending machine on site.
For guys on short stay there is a one day pass which allows access to the space and any available flexible desk, printing (5 pages free). Part Timers have access to the space for any 10 days within a 30-day period, flexible desk access, 3 free conference room hours, mail delivery, 50 pages free printing while full-time occupants access the space on all working days, flexible desk access, 6 free conference room hours, mail delivery, 100 pages free printing.
The founders also promise everyone gets access to the small meeting room and break room, internet access, unlimited scanning, and access to the parking lot and members (part-time or full-time) will be get a mention on their website. Members also get discounts on the multipurpose room, extra conference room hours, and extra day passes and for a small extra fee, they can get a locker or a permanent desk.
Set to be operational anytime from time of press, the team is working on final touches to make the place awesome and their prices will be out too.  Drop them a line at if you got questions.

This article originally appeared on TechMoran