Business Mic: Modupe Macaulay-Odunyemi - Make sure the people you hire are a good cultural fit

Modupe is the founder and CEO of CapitalSquare, a co-working space in Lagos. CapitalSquare is a place for entrepreneurs and start-ups to have a physical presence and get their start without a lot of the hassle usually involved. CapitalSquare provides a managed shared work space with internet, uninterrupted power, meeting rooms, lockers, printers, more or less everything a person needs in their office, at an affordable cost. CapitalSquare is about building a community of professionals from every area of business, who like, support, and want to learn from one another, and it’s a great place to network and grow your business. In this episode, Modupe shares her experience at CapitalSquare as well as the lessons she has learnt so far.


Apart from just providing a space to work, CapitalSquare also actively helps members improve their skills and grow their businesses, by running a variety of workshops, trainings, and networking events, specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses. From seminars, to networking events and startup showcases, CapitalSquare offers a variety of regular events to bring their community together and support their personal and entrepreneurial development.

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