Techloy: Capital Square is the best co-working space in Lagos – Nomad Capitalist

Nomad Capitalist, the world’s leading offshore consulting firm, has named Capital Square, a Lagos-based co-working space for entrepreneurs and freelancers, its favourite co-working space in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company made the choice after speaking to various entrepreneurs and adventurous digital nomads in its network.

Apparently, the consultants lets the consultee know that Capital Square has a modern approach and is easy to work with (or from).

Although located a bit outside of the city center, the consultee was made aware that the entire vibe in the co-working space is just supercool.

On top of that, monthly membership at the workspace wouldn’t make one’s bank account go red – it costs about $125 with the ability to pay a little extra for a permanent desk or a locker.

According to the company, Internet speeds at the workspace are fast by local standards.

“Lagos has a ton of co-working spaces and incubators to choose from, with some specializing in fin-tech or NGO work and others being open to all. Our favorite is Capital Square…,” said Nomad Capitalist in a blog post.

This development is a big deal for the good people at Capital Square. “It brings so much delight to us when we see that what we do is not only recognized in Nigeria, It is admired internationally too.”

Capital Square will be replicating the awesomeness of its workspace at The Studio, its soon-to-be-launched second co-working space.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and operating out of three continent, Nomad Capitalist helps its clients make informed decisions on the best countries to invest, start a business and lives.

Its team of experts have extensive professional experience in law, finance and the offshore field in general.

This article first appeared on Techloy