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Virtual Office

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Need a Lagos presence for your business, even when you can't be here? Our Virtual Membership is great for you if you have a full time job or live out of town, and just want a business presence in Lagos and a professional place to have meetings.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • Use CapitalSquare as your business address:

    One address is included in your plan and you can use it on your website, business card, and formal documents. You're also free to register a virtual office plan at more than one CapitalSquare address, at a discounted rate.

  • Have your company name/signage displayed at your chosen CapitalSquare location:

    It's one thing to use an address on your business card, but having your company name prominently displayed at that location gives your business authenticity in the eyes of your clients and associates. Every virtual office member at CapitalSquare has their company name displayed at the entrance of their preferred location(s).

  • Receive mail at your chosen CapitalSquare location:

    Your clients and associates can drop off mail or packages for you at CapitalSquare. We'll sign for it, notify you via phone and email, and you can pick up your package at your convenience. We can also scan and email the contents to you, forward the package to an address of your choice (you pay for shipping), or securely dispose of the document or package at your request.

  • Receive mail through CapitalSquare's P.O. Box:

    You can also have mail delivered to you at our Post Office box at no extra charge. We check our box for new mail once every month.

  • Get a 20% discount on meeting and event bookings.

  • Get up to 30% discount on day and week passes to work from any CapitalSquare location.

  • Get ₦10,000 monthly credit to use for purchasing day passes, printing, and meeting rooms (Virtual Pro only).

  • Get deals and discounts from our partner network of business solution providers, including legal advisors, accountants, virtual assistants, and international coworking spaces.

Available Addresses

Lekki - 2nd Floor, The Garnet Building,

Igbo Efon, Lekki, Lagos.



Virtual Lite: ₦30,000 /yr

Virtual Pro: ₦75,000 /yr

Signup Fee: ₦5,000